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Chalmers Constructions Pty Ltd is a Torquay based concrete contracting/construction company owned and operated by Norm Chalmers, He has recently completed his requirements as a Registered Commercial Builder, Medium Rise Buildings, issued by the Victorian Building Authority, May 2017.

Norm has been working in the concrete construction industry for over 20 years.  The company operates from purpose built premises in the Torquay industrial estate. Chalmers Constructions main jobs are in and around the Surf Coast and bayside Melbourne, though jobs are not restricted to these areas.

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The 120 T Liebherr Mobile Crane

Chalmers Constructions, a reputable commercial builder specialising in concrete projects, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of their newest addition: the state-of-the-art 120 T Liebherr mobile crane. This heavy-duty crane will be crucial in installing precast concrete panels, enhancing the company’s capabilities and minimising reliance on external contractors. With its impressive lift capacity of 120 tons and a telescopic boom length of 66 meters, the 120 T Liebherr will revolutionise Chalmers Constructions’ construction projects.

Alpine constructions at Mt Buller

2021-2022 has seen a number of developments being built. The construction season for Alpine building is only possible from October once the ski season has ended to May when the mounting prepares to commence the following ski season. Successful construction of jobs is only possible with pre planning and extreme efficiency once the jobs commence. From October 2021 to December 2021, Chalmers Constructions completed three levels to the Kooroora West development at Mt Buller including the manufacture and installation of precast panels and floors. January 2022 saw the completion of two floors for the penthouse extension to Buller Central at Mt Buller. Buller Central development was previously constructed by Chalmers Constructions. February 2022 – May 2022 is a work in progress for the completion of three levels of Apartments to the Timbuktu development, Mt Buller. This was also a development previously constructed by Chalmers Constructions.

Precast Concrete Shed Construction

Sheds with a difference A recent job by Chalmers Constructions in Freshwater Creek was the building of two farm sheds utilising timber finish precast concrete panels. Excavation of the site, delivery of the base material, spreading and rolling of the base material all undertaken by equipment owned and operated by Chalmers. The precast concrete panels were manufactured by Chalmers on timber lined rubber mats owned and designed by Chalmers to give a realistic timber finish. Semi trucks, trailers and A frames owned and operated by Chalmers ensures jobs are done on a timely and cost effective way as all stages are done in house. Chalmers has a great relationship with the crane operators who work together on numerous jobs and understand how each other operate.

Using concrete as a feature

Concrete can be utilised for more than a structural product and with imagination and skill, it can be a great feature in a building.  Chalmer’s Constructions create their own precast concrete products that improves the aesthetic and architectural features and value of the structures we build.  Whether it’s a texture like timber boarding, broken concrete in the wall or a formed design like the window frames, Chalmers Constructions has the equipment and ability to transform panels, walls and other elements into striking features.

Somero S-485 Laser Screed

Chalmers Constructions is always looking to invest in equipment to ensure our client’s projects are delivered most efficiently, to the highest quality and on time.  Our choice of modern equipment also reflects our commitment to ensuring a safe work environment for our employees who have to work sometimes very physically demanding environments. This led us to purchase the Somero S-485 Laser Screed. The benefits of adding the screed to our plant and equipment for the benefit of our clients include: – improved floor quality use of the Somero Quick GradeSet System™ a lightweight and versatile machine the ability to creed on elevated slabs or grade better performance in difficult applications, 4 Wheel Drive column Block Protection use of the OASIS Laser Control System auto valve calibration for consistent, unsurpassed performance compatibility with the 3-D Profiler System® the ability to screed more concrete with the 10’ hydraulic head increase productivity by 20% a hydraulic Vibrator that is more responsive to all slump types to consistently deliver a quality floor for our clients New plant and equipment improves

Architecturally designed warehouses for lease Torquay Industrial Estate

1-3 Haystacks Drive, Torquay 3226 Architecturally designed warehouses for lease in the increasingly popular Torquay Industrial Estate, built by Chalmers Constructions.  Ideal for small, smart businesses—would suit online retailers, showrooms, boutique brewers, micro-manufacturers etc. Full-sized roller doors and parking available. All enquiriesTim CarsonDirector / Sales Executivemobile 0434 690 930email or visit The warehouses are located in a prime position within the estate and allow great exposer to your business. All warehouses are built and fitted out to the highest quality.

Doka modular formwork system

A job recently completed by Chalmers Constructions was a townhouse development in Brighton, Melbourne. The site was a residential block in bayside Melbourne that had both access and size restraints.  Due to these factors, the Doka modular formwork system was utilised to build the walls and external structure of the development. The Doka system was able to be moved within the small site with excavators, reducing the manual handling of materials and eliminating the need for an overhead crane. The walls, once formed using the DOKA modular formwork system, were poured with concrete using a combination of excavators and a kibble, eliminating the need for a concrete pump.  

Precast Partition Wall – Dual Sided Panels

Chalmers Constructions was approached by a developer who wanted a partition wall between two townhouse units which allowed both units to have the partition wall as a finished feature internal wall. The solution was to have a precast panel wall with one side being an off formwork finish, the other side a polished concrete finish. The process involved formwork being built onto the precast tables to give the off formwork finish.  The panels were poured onto the formwork. The top of the panels were then polished by a concrete grinder resulting in a polished concrete finish on the second face of the panel. The panels being made in a warehouse allowed the finish to be achieved to the hightest level in a timely and safe manner.       Being only 7 panels, Chalmers Constructions had the ability to transport the panels in one day with their own equipment saving transport costs.  These factors, in addition to the excellent relationship with the rigging crew, ensured the job was done in the most time efficient and cost effective way.  

Basement works methodology

BASEMENT WORKS METHODOLOGY PLAN One of the specialities of Chalmers Constructions Pty Ltd are basement works, typically used for basement carparks. While many companies undertake this type of work, the thing that sets Chalmers Constructions apart is that each stage is undertaken by Chalmers Constructions and not subcontracted out.  Equipment is owned by the company to undertake each stage which ensures the job gets done efficiently and cost effectively. Below is a methodology plan that is used for the majority of basement works (note, specific stages may be applicable for each basement depending on design/engineering requirements): – Install continuous timber profile to perimeter edges and perform complete and detailed set out for ground floor and basement. Detailed excavation to capping beam and place (say) 75mm thick blinding layer. Detailed set out of concrete piles and capping beam then pre drill through blinding with drilling rig. Accept delivery of prefab pile cages then perform drilling and placement of concrete piles Install reinforcement to capping beam, place formwork and pour Formwork to rear of sprayed concrete wall from natural surface level and top of capping beam to underside of suspended slab as basement is part out of the ground. Bulk excavation to basement and detailed excavation around piles Install (say) 1000 no. dowel bars to piles and place mesh to wall faces with plumber working in conjunction to install vertical strip drains behind shotcrete walls. Spray and trowel finish shotcrete walls. Allow plumber to install basement drainage system and hook up strip drains. Prepare and pour basement infill slab including rough screed driveway base Expansion saw cut to basement slab then commence ground floor formwork. Complete formwork, place reinforcement and pour ground floor suspended slab. Construct ground to first floor columns. Construct first floor suspended slab. Given the extensive history Chalmers Constructions has with these jobs, Norm is also willing to assist in advice in the planning stage before plans are finalised and work commences.

Precast panel job

Chalmers Constructions has recently completed the concrete panels for a dual warehouse in the industrial estate in Torquay. The job consisted of 67no. precast panels all manufactured in the companies warehouse in Torquay. The casting beds in the warehouse owned by Chalmers Constructions enabled the panels to be manufactured to a high standard of finish. The size of warehouse enabled all 67 panels to be stored while manufacture was completed. The storage of these panels then enabled the standing to be done over a 2 day period, saving on time and costs. The main advantages of using Chalmers Constructions to complete this job were: – Willingness to be involved in the design process to ensure the job could be done in the most efficient and cost effective manner; Shop drawings completed on a timely basis by an engineer with excellent relationship with Chalmers Constructions; Manufacture of panels using modern casting methods; Ability to store large quantities of completed panels; Excellent relationship with the rigging crew and experience regarding the lift planning process to ensure the standing of the panels were done as efficient as possible.

Concrete as an Architectural Feature

The use of concrete by architects and designers has increased exponentially over the years with many internal and external features being done in concrete. Many TV design shows are assisting to showcase the versatility of concrete both in design, structure and finishes. Features that Norm has built over the years include, but are not limited to: Outdoor areas including bbq’s Fireplaces Bench tops Bathroom vanities Water tanks Water features  

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