Shed with a difference: A Chalmers Construction Case Study

At Chalmers Constructions, we transcend conventional building practices by delivering standout solutions in concrete construction. Our project in Freshwater Creek exemplifies our unique approach by constructing two distinct farm sheds

Project Overview

In Freshwater Creek, we constructed two farm sheds using timber-finish precast concrete panels. This choice demonstrated our ability to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Process and Execution

Our team managed every stage of the process, showcasing our comprehensive capabilities and commitment to quality.

Site Preparation

We began with a thorough excavation, ensuring a solid foundation for the construction.

Material Delivery and Preparation

Our team utilised state-of-the-art equipment to deliver, spread, and roll the base material, maintaining high standards of quality and precision throughout the process.

Innovative Precasting Techniques

Chalmers Constructions developed an in-house method at Innovative Precasting to create precast panels with a realistic timber finish. This process, performed on rubber mats lined with timber, gives the concrete a natural, elegant look that harmonises with the rural environment.

Efficient Transportation

We used our own trucks and trailers for quick and affordable material transport, exemplifying our dedication to efficiency and control over the entire process.

Expert Installation

Collaborating with experienced crane operators, we ensured smooth and precise installation of the panels, achieving seamless execution.


Completing the farm sheds in Freshwater Creek is a testament to our innovative approach to concrete construction. These structures not only fulfil their functional roles but also enhance the landscape with their aesthetic value. This project underscores our expertise in creating buildings that are both practical and visually appealing.

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