Chalmers Constructions has newly completed premises in the highly regarded Torquay industrial estate.
The warehouse and attached rear yard are situated on  3000m2 of land.

The front of the warehouse has an oversized roll-a-door which enables large trucks to enter and be loaded/unloaded. Dual access with two street frontages means concrete trucks can enter to pour panels and semi trailers can enter to be loaded when panels leave the premises.

The warehouse has two casting beds for the manufacture of precast panels. Our high specification panel formwork system utilizes magnets therefore leaving our casting bed blemish free resulting in flawless precast finishes unmatchable with tilt up or site cast methods. The warehouse also has an overhead 12.5tonne crane to enable the safe lifting of  panels and other materials.

In addition to standard panels, the skills and knowledge of Chalmers Constructions means the company has the expertise to undertake the manufacture of detailed architectural panels and custom projects including feature finishes on panels. The height of the warehouse enables over-height panels to be manufactured.

The in house manufacture of precast panels enables the complete intergration and control of the overall concrete structure from concept to completion.