Core Earthmoving Machinery: Excavators, Bobcats, Tip Trucks

Having the right equipment is crucial for earthmoving in the construction industry. At Chalmers Constructions, we understand the importance of owning a comprehensive fleet of earthmoving machinery to ensure the efficient and precise execution of projects. Our fleet includes essential equipment such as excavators, bobcats, and tip trucks.

Excavators: Versatility and Power in Earthmoving

Chalmers Constructions boasts a range of excavators in various sizes, including 20T, 13.5T, and 8.5T models. These powerful machines are equipped with numerous attachments, such as buckets of different sizes and drills, including hammer drills, enabling us to tackle various tasks. From clearing sites and undertaking site cuts to drilling columns, excavating detailed footings, and handling bulk earthworks, our excavators are the backbone of our earthmoving operations.

Precision Earthmoving: Bobcats, Drum Rollers, and Laser Graders

In addition to excavators, Chalmers Constructions owns a bobcat, a drum roller, and a laser grader. These machines work in harmony to ensure precise levelling, compaction, and grading of the earth. The bobcat’s agility and versatility make it ideal for smaller-scale earthmoving tasks, while the drum roller ensures proper soil compaction. With its advanced technology, the laser grader guarantees accurate grading and levelling, resulting in a flawless foundation for your construction project.

Tip Trucks: Streamlining Material Transport

Transporting bulk materials is a critical aspect of earthmoving, and Chalmers Constructions has a fleet of tip trucks to ensure seamless logistics. Our tip trucks are well-maintained and operated by experienced drivers, ensuring that materials are safely hauled to and from the construction site. With our tip trucks, we have complete control over the transportation process, minimising delays and ensuring the timely completion of earthmoving works.

Chalmers Constructions: Your Earthmoving Experts

With our extensive range of earthmoving equipment and skilled operators, Chalmers Constructions is your trusted partner for all your earthmoving needs. From initial site preparation to the final grading, our team has the expertise and machinery to handle projects of any scale. Trust us to lay a solid foundation for your construction project, ensuring its success from the ground up.

Chalmers Constructions owns and operates numerous items of earthmoving equipment.

The current earthmoving inventory list consists of;

  • Komatsu 20 tonne excavator with Indeco hydraulic hammer
  • Komatsu 14.5 tonne excavator with offset boom and tilting hitch
  • Komatsu 8.5 tonne excavator with swing boom, Indeco hydraulic hammer, tilting hitch and auger setup for drilling piles up to 6m deep
  • Komatsu 4.5 tonne excavator with swing boom, Indeco hydrauilic hammer and auger set up for drilling piles up to 5m deep
  • Hitachi 1 tonne excavator
  • Bobcat T190 track loader with tilting bucket
  • Dynapac 1.6 tonne dual drum roller and slip on watercart for compaction works
  • Mercedes Benz tandem axle 10m3 Tip Truck with 15 tonne tag along machinery float
  • Mercedes Benz twin steer crane truck machinery float with 4 tonne 15.5 m reach Unic rope crane
  • Toyota Landcruiser utility with tipper for limited access long travel site work

Chalmers Constructions has the ability and equipment to undertake earthworks with complete control as part of the overall structure package.