Precast panel job

Chalmers Constructions has recently completed the concrete panels for a dual warehouse in the industrial estate in Torquay. The job consisted of 67no. precast panels all manufactured in the companies warehouse in Torquay.

The casting beds in the warehouse owned by Chalmers Constructions enabled the panels to be manufactured to a high standard of finish. The size of warehouse enabled all 67 panels to be stored while manufacture was completed. The storage of these panels then enabled the standing to be done over a 2 day period, saving on time and costs.

The main advantages of using Chalmers Constructions to¬†complete this job were: –

  • Willingness to be involved in the design process to ensure the job could be done in the most efficient and cost effective manner;
  • Shop drawings completed on a timely basis by an engineer with excellent relationship with Chalmers Constructions;
  • Manufacture of panels using modern casting methods;
  • Ability to store large quantities of completed panels;
  • Excellent relationship with the rigging crew and experience regarding the lift planning process to ensure the standing of the panels were done as efficient as possible.

casting-bed panels-stacked panels-up-end panels-up-mid panels-up-truck truck-loaded

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