The 120 T Liebherr Mobile Crane

Introducing the Versatile Powerhouse: The 120 T Liebherr Mobile Crane

Chalmers Constructions, a reputable commercial builder specializing in concrete projects, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of a state-of-the-art 120 T Liebherr mobile crane. This heavy-duty addition enhances our ability to install precast concrete panels manufactured in our precast yard, and is also available for use in general construction contracts. With its impressive lift capacity of 120 tons and a telescopic boom length of 66 meters, the crane significantly bolsters our operational capabilities, enabling us to offer a more comprehensive package and reduce our reliance on external contractors.

Unleashing Unmatched Power:

The 120 T Liebherr mobile crane is a true powerhouse, boasting an unparalleled lift capacity that enables easy installation of heavy precast concrete panels. This cutting-edge equipment is designed to handle even the most demanding construction projects, allowing Chalmers Constructions to take on larger-scale assignments without compromising efficiency or quality.

Versatility for All Terrain:

One of the standout features of the 120 T Liebherr crane is its ability to navigate various terrain conditions, making it an all-terrain, all-rounder mobile crane. Whether it’s rough terrains, uneven surfaces, or confined spaces, this crane effortlessly adapts to its surroundings, ensuring smooth operations in any construction environment. Chalmers Constructions can confidently take on projects in diverse locations, knowing its crane will deliver exceptional performance.

Enhancing In-House Capabilities:

Chalmers Constructions expands its in-house capabilities by adding the 120 T Liebherr mobile crane to its fleet. With the ability to manufacture precast concrete panels in their precast yard and the addition of this powerful crane, the company can now offer a comprehensive package to clients without relying heavily on external contractors. This vertical integration allows Chalmers Constructions to control quality, timelines, and costs, giving clients greater confidence in their services.

Precision and Safety:

The 120 T Liebherr mobile crane has advanced technological features prioritising precision and safety. With precise control mechanisms, operators can ensure the accurate placement of heavy concrete panels, minimising the risk of errors and ensuring a seamless installation process. Additionally, the crane incorporates robust safety measures, such as load monitoring systems and stability control, guaranteeing a secure working environment for operators and on-site personnel.

Future-Proofing Construction Operations:

As technology evolves, Chalmers Constructions remains at the forefront of innovation by investing in cutting-edge equipment like the 120 T Liebherr mobile crane. By staying ahead of the curve, the company is well-positioned to adapt to evolving industry trends and meet the increasing demands of clients. This forward-thinking approach cements Chalmers Constructions’ reputation as a leader in the commercial construction sector.The acquisition of the 120 T Liebherr mobile crane marks a significant milestone for Chalmers Constructions. With its impressive lift capacity, versatility in all terrain conditions, and ability to efficiently handle precast concrete panels, this powerhouse crane enhances its capabilities and elevates its position in the industry. As Chalmers Constructions continues prioritising quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction, the 120 T Liebherr mobile crane will play a pivotal role in their ongoing success.