Precast Partition Wall – Dual Sided Panels

Chalmers Constructions was approached by a developer who wanted a partition wall between two townhouse units which allowed both units to have the partition wall as a finished feature internal wall.

The solution was to have a precast panel wall with one side being an off formwork finish, the other side a polished concrete finish.

The process involved formwork being built onto the precast tables to give the off formwork finish.  The panels were poured onto the formwork. The top of the panels were then polished by a concrete grinder resulting in a polished concrete finish on the second face of the panel.

The panels being made in a warehouse allowed the finish to be achieved to the hightest level in a timely and safe manner.




Being only 7 panels, Chalmers Constructions had the ability to transport the panels in one day with their own equipment saving transport costs.  These factors, in addition to the excellent relationship with the rigging crew, ensured the job was done in the most time efficient and cost effective way.



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